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The toxic effects of modern life on your hormonal system .....    

Just some of the effects of the condition known as PMS or PMT and while this may seem extreme and even amusing, the reality is that living with severe PMS and PMT is anything but funny and for some women can destroy lives and relationships.


The time period before and around the menstrual cycle is for some woman a time similar to entering the twighlight zone.  Some describe it s a compete personality change when their moods and emotion can be out of kilter and in some cses completely unbalance with moods, behavioural and emotional changes  so severe that for the women concerned the changes taking place physically and mentaly at this time can lead to their thinking that life seems unbearable and the symptoms they experience diffiult to cope with.  Mood and emotional changes that can lead to many causing damage or danger to themselves through impaired thinking and decision making which disrupts their relationships and interfers with their day to day lives -  work, homelife and those they love.


PMS, PMT, PMDD and PCOS are very real and the symptoms can be very severe for the women affected.


For many years, I sufferred extreme PMS and sought help constantly.  While every one was sympathetic and good intentioned, it was only when I began studying nutrition and traditional herbal medicine that I found an answer to my symptoms.  I am so grateful that what worked for me and in turn through the book PMT Revering The Curse and my clinics, has worked for the thousands of women who have followed the same plan.


If you are booking a test, please note that you can also have weekly consultations via email if you are a PMS/PMT sufferer and will receive a copy of the book PMT Reversing the curse - if this is something you would like.


The book can of course be purchased on its own without the need to book a test.


Read my story and download your copy here: PMT Reversing The Curse - The PMT Cure


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