Thousands of people around

the world have got to the

root of health,weight and

mood disorder issues by

taking this test. 


Proven by Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Linus Pauling - Every ailment, every disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency"  But  too much of one substance can cause symptoms too.


Now available in the UK, our test can help you get to the root of your health problem once and for all!


                             Reset your Health - with Clinical Hair Mineral Analysis

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Your Hair Mineral Analysis test is carried out in our clinical laboratory and subjected to multiple scientific tests in a high temperature environment.

Special acids breakdown the hair and separate it from the elements.

When the hair has been completely broken down and only the mineral salts remain chemical solutions are used to analyse and identify the mineral status and toxic metal accumulation found.


This clinical process reveals the nutrient levels in your body and provides evidence of any long term or acute exposure to heavy metals you have been vulnerable to.


Your report will place in your hands a plan for your return to your best health, weight and fitness.

How are you functioning at a cellular level? Find this and more in your report.

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Discover if you are at optimum health or would benefit from a change of diet and lifestyle

See from your personal report exactly what you need more of and what you should avoid

Prevent potential health problems allowing you to move forward to your best health and fitness goals

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Your Sample kit and instructions will be with you within just a few working days of activating your test!

Taking a sample is easy,  and painless


No Fuss -  easy to follow instructions

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Millions of people suffer with degenerative diseases.  Yet, something we are never told and a scientific fact discovered by Nobel Prize winner, Dr Linus Pauling is that..


"You can trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency"

or - importantly mineral imbalance. 

Now it is possible to find out for yourself what your mineral profile is and how it may be disrupting your health and fitness


Activate a Test for your full mineral profile and receive a personal plan to enable You to finally acheive balance in your weight, health and diet.