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Proven by Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Linus Pauling - Every ailment, every disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency"  But  too much of one substance can cause symptoms too.


Now available in the UK, our test can help you get to the root of your health problem once and for all!


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What's the big deal about minerals? - this may sound simplistic, but infact too much of one mineral can be harmful and excess of particular minerals can cause deficiency in others affecting our whole body and health.  It is crucially important that we know what minerals are out of balance before treating suspected deficiences as the symptoms of one mineral depletion can infact be caused by too much of another mineral or,  believe it or not too much of another supplement!


Many people when feeling tiredness may take iron supplements - but, did you know that too much iron is dangerous and can cause all of the symptoms one may experience when aneamic?  Naturally, if you did not know this you may cntinue to take more iron in an attempt to rectify the symptoms when this would cause more health issues not less!


Why do we need a balance in minerals?


  • Minerals are a more important supplement than vitamins because vitamins can be synthesized by the body, but minerals cannot!

  • All body elements function synergistically.  If there is just one mineral shortage, the balance of the entire body can be thrown off.

  • One deficiency can render other nutrients either useless or inefficient.

  • Hormonal secretions of the glands are dependent on mineral stimulation and the acid/alkaline balance (ph) of the tissue fluid is controlled by minerals.

  • All bodily processes depend on the action and interaction of minerals.

  • Vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body, but they can't function without the presence of minerals.  

  • Minerals are the catalysts that make enzyme functions possible. They are also essential for antioxidant-enzyme function.

  • All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oils, etc, require minerals for activity.

  • The body must maintain an adequate supply of minerals to maintain its balance between the internal and external pressures (called osmotic equilibrium) of the body cells.

  • This state must be maintained for normal cellular function and continued youthful health.  

  • They are parts of other important compounds, such as iron in blood, and iodine,which is a part of the thyroid hormone.

  • Your Body Needs minerals for Hormonal imbalance, sexual function, fertiliy and reproduction

  • Minerals are needed for skin, nails, hair, brain and nervous system function.  You cannot survive without them and miineral balance is at the heart of good health and also the lack of it.

  • The mineral content of plant foods is influenced by the mineral content of the soil in which it is grown. Due to soil depletion and food processing we are not getting the minerals from our food like we did 50-100 years ago.

  • Minerals are needed as a supplement to the everyday diet because many of the fruits, vegetables and grains that are harvested today continue to be grown in mineral deficient soils fertilized only by the use of synthetic, mineral deficient fertilizers.

  • Minerals combined with ensymes enable the body to make alkalising and  detoxifying  processes posssible neutralising the acid metabolic by products of the cells and other toxic conditions within the body preparing  them for elimination.


in a nutshell, we cannot survive without minerals - they are essential to life.  In the correct balance and in the right form for our bodies they transform our health.   Similar to the spark plugs in a car,  they re-ignite our abillity to function well and correct what has stopped working efficiently.   Could it be the time to check yours?


Our tests are simply the best you will find.  Please read more about these on "our tests"  page.  You can order your test here or contact us should you wish to book a personl consultation.


There is an old saying that "Nothing changes, if nothing changes" - so very true.  Why dont you make that change and take steps to improving your life today.  


       In the words of fitnes expert Bonnie Prudden -


"You cant turn back the clock but, you can rewind it!"

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Our Clinical Hair Mineral Analysis is not like those advertised on coupon sites who cause damage by selling un proven unscientific reports nor is it another "new" discovery.   Based on information from clinical laboratory testing by one of the most recognised clinical laoratories in the US.   This knowledge when avilable and used to balance health works where nothing else can.  This is because unless  it is based on measuring and balancing your mineral levels - treatment of any kind, can only then help your body acheive health, balance in weight and fitness.      

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While we cannot see everyone personally, your results are  analysed by a qualified health professional and should you have questions or require further assistance we will be here to help.  Click the link below to see a sample of the type of information on your report



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