Reset Your Health



Child/sudent/Concession Health Reset Test


Half price for children, students and other concessions. Your  test includes a full report of all Food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiences plus the clinical hair mineral analysis element showing excesses, toxicity and a wealth of nutritional and dietary information to help you acheive optimum health and wellbeing.  Proven efffective in  identifying mineral deficiencies, excesses and toxicity and carried out by our a licensed and certified clinical laboratory who  undergo regular inspections with the Clinical Laboratory Division of the Department of Health and Human Services,  All testing is performed in a laboratory clean room environment, utilizing the latest microwave temperature-controlled digestion technique and using a highly skilled and professional analytical/support staff.
This Test also includes email support  to help you get back on track to your best healthand our nutritionist is available to answer questionsby email and advise on dietary changes during 8 weeks following your test